Austris Jaudzems

My Birthday: March 1, 1979
Hometown: Rēzekne,
Current City: Littlehampton, West Sussex


About me:

Have more than 5 years experience as a self employed photographer (weddings, model portfolios, family and corporative celebrations and other). Skilled in Photoshop CS4, Adobe Lightroom, Gif Movie Gier, ProShow Gold, 
2003-2008: Degree in Management and administration-Marketing and advertising- Public relations. BIA (
Baltic International Academy)
1997-2002: Degree in Metal Manufacturing Design.  RADC (Rezekne Art and
Design College)
2002: Training in Art Summer School.


Favorite quotes:
"When you look long into an abyss,

                                                                        the abyss looks into you."
                                                                                                     Friedrich Nietzsche